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Welcome to Korea Defense Review

Here at Korea Defense Review (K.D.R), our advisory board reads like a who's who and includes an ex Army Chief of Staff, twelve retired generals and an ex Minister of National Defense.

Our readers include the majority of serving high ranking Korean officers and military procurement personnel who all understand that we are in the business and know what we are talking about.

For the last seven years we have earned a reputation for complete honesty and unbiased, objective analysis and opinion by helping key decision makers make smart, informed choices.

Do you have a product you are excited about? To advertise in K.D.R. is to put your product right under the noses of the people who do the decision. Don't worry about translating. We'll take care of that and at no extra charge.

Editor in Chief of Korea Defense Review

Expression USEF in Greeting

Publisher of Korea Defense Review

Good morning Readers!!
I love your interest in Korea Military which is very complicated and dynamic. We will give you good informations and intelligence about Far east military affairs. We hope you could also participate and give us your interest and informations freely to the board!! we are going to translate all the articles in English little by little.

When it begins?

The KOREA DEFENSE REVIEW (KDR) has been published for Korean professional soldiers, retirees, veterans and civilian military-manias since March 1993 in Korea. We have aintained about 10,000 subscribers, among them 3,000 are annual subscribers and 5,000 free-desk readers in the Korean Armed Forces and the Korean Defense Industries. KDR is the first monthly professional magazine published with the support of former high ranking military officials including retired Generals.

What we are doing?

Members of KDR's Editorial board pay a great deal of attention on World-Wide advanced military technology and hardware in order to introduce them to military professionals in Korera. Therefore one of the main functions of our magazine is to provide space for foreign defense industries to introduce their new developments. In many ways KDR's staff are able to help you do business in Korea. First of all, they can translate your product-related printed materials into the Korean language and introduce them to the Korean military professionals through the magazine. KDR will not charge you for this service and translate whatever the length of the article and printed material, if you have Advertising Business with KDR.

Who read KDR?

KDR readers are mostly active duty high ranking officers including key decision makers and planners in military procurement desks. If you have SUBSCRIPTIONS and ADVERTISEMENT in KDR, you will get useful informations and SATISFACTION in KOREA.

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