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[Urantia] A Personal Story from a Korean Reader /written by KIM
military  2009-02-11 14:24:40, 조회 : 26,105, 추천 : 2468

A Personal Story from a Korean Reader

David kim
Korean, UAI

My introduction to The Urantia Book is my life’s most eventful happening. It showed me the revelation of God’s will and changed my life’s direction to do his will. My other event that I’d like to share is when I was young, I climbed a mountain top at night and resolved not to live for my own benefit but to live for the benefit of others, not my will but God’s will is something that I’m striving for in my life.

I received The Urantia Book from Robert Reno in 1982; I instinctively felt the book would have a life changing effect on me. So, I put the book in the left corner of my upper most bookshelf. After that, due to my duty with the military, I did not have a chance to read the book until 2000. At that time the Korean translation came out so it helped me to read it relatively quickly. The Korean translation helped me to understand the original English version.

Thereafter, I contacted the foundation and inquired whether there was a study group in Korea; the Foundation introduced me to Professor Choi Eun-Gwan who informed me that there were no study groups as of yet in Korea. Sometime later, Professor Choi inquired of me whether I’d be willing to serve as representative of the Korean Urantian chapter to which I gladly consented.

With the help of my wife, we started to distribute the Korean translation to numerous peoples; some had concerns about the quality of the translation. But despite the discrepancies of the translation, we have now about 500 readers who study the book and of that approximately 100 of them are continuous readers; of these 50 are what I’d consider avid readers.

When we formed the Korea chapter of UAI, about 40 people attended. I believe these people will be instrumental in helping distribute the books elsewhere in Asia like China, Japan and India. The fact that Gaetan and Gary attended the opening ceremony really helped make the ceremony go smoothly and spiritually. Thinking that the study group is more important than the ceremony itself, we held a study session prior.

The topic was how Michael of Nebadon overcame and handled the Lucifer’s rebellion as a human being incarnate. Normally the group is no more than ten but using the projection screen about forty people attended which really was significant in its meaning. Perhaps Gaetan and Gary’s attendance and their comments helped the large attendance.

After the ceremony we discussed extensively the bright outlook for spreading the revelation in Korea and Asia in general. The Urantia Book as a revelation of the Divine Creator requires humans to understand some knowledge in the various disciplines of philosophy, science, theology or if not at least the curiosity to know these disciplines in order to understand and grasp the book which is not easy!

Additionally, the revelation and so-called reality of human thought is a gap especially evident in the present Korean translation which struggles to overcome that spiritual gap. Despite the handicap if God and all his heavenly creatures will help overcome the Korean or Oriental mores in order to understand the book, I’ll pledge my loving service. Lastly I thank profusely the Father and all his heavenly beings who brought the revelation to us.

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