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Subject: [Mail from friend] Dear Kim, This is about the issue of UFK

Date: 2011-11-03 20:40
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----- Original Message -----
From : Mun Gyu Park <mokp3205@hananet.net>
To : Jin Wook Kim <military@military.co.kr>
Sent : 2003-01-02 15:54
Subject : Dear Kim, This is about the issue of UFK

Dear US soldiers station in Korea

The presence of US Forces in Korea is based on『US-ROK Mutual Defense Pact』. The Pact is a law and it should be and must be kept by each nation between US and ROK.

National Security is very important for us. It is not only for former military but also more important for current military. It is a "matter of survival" for the Korean people who like and want to live in free nation with Gods blessing.  

Therefore no further argument is required about "The presence of US Forces in Korea".  It is not the matter of "a foreign military stationed in Korea". When we talk about these matters we should think about the reality and situations consisting of complicated political and military affairs of the Northeast Asia.

Without that view point we must understand what the NK had been doing and what they intend to do in the future for more than half a century. The final goal of NKs Kim-chongil, the notorious dictator, is to communize entire Korean peninsula.

Kim has never changed his tactics to have a "US-NK Peace Pact"

instead of maintaining "Armistice Agreement" in order to achieve the objectives to communize the peninsula. When they succeed in attaining US-NK Peace Pact or ROK-NK Peace Pact (I do not believe it will happen) they can easily claim to change the『Position of US Forces in Korea』and finally demand the withdrawals of US forces from Korea to break the balance of the military power in this peninsula.

In that case, you can easily imagine what will be happen in Korea areas and all the efforts we have made will end in vain.   That is one of the essential principle and rule what the Communists is likely to use as『indirect aggressive tactics』

The dictator Kim-Chongil always places himself above the law. He dose not matter about the constitutional law and the international pact nor any regulations. Kim-Chongil is a notorious dictator ever existed in the world. The dictator always ignore the law and human rights. Kim, he is the very enemy of the free nations. He act just like a president of NK maintaining the position of the supreme commander of NKs Armed Forces. As we know, Kim is  internationally known professional terrorist commander US government already aware of it. We, Korean people, can never  excuse him from his criminal behaviour.  

Over two-million innocent NK people died from hunger, starvation and disease during the period of from 1995 to 2000. But he was engrossed in developing Nukes and missile-systems reinforcing his military power.

Kim- Chongil maintains more than a million actives, 5,000tons of chemical agents, and 430 MLRSs(240mm), 600 vehicular mounted guns(170mm=VMG), 500 the more Scud missiles and the 100 NoDong missiles which can reach The Japanese Islands are deployed along DMZ.  30 to 60% of those MLRS & VMG warhead are equipped with gas such as VX agent. I can say that nothing is more important than the National Security under the military situation as we face right now.

And therefore, we can easily understand and find out the reason why the Combined Forces Command keep 24 hrs basis DEFCON condition. That is one of the reasons why we should not argue about the matter of US Forces station in Korea.

Some people who look like pro-communist or pro-NK puppet regime, they may influence the morale of anyone as you mentioned in your e-mail about the current personnel. But I do believe that all of the Korean soldiers and the majority of the Korean people are against to the communism. And they are now enjoying freedom, peace and real democratic way of life.

I like to close here by saying as below:

『Korean people will not forget the valuable sacrifices and contributions have made for the peace and freedom on the Korean peninsula during the Korean War and post war era. Thanks to their sacrifices and contributions, Korea was able to recover from ravage of war and attain current economic growth.』

『The Korean people will never forget those American Soldiers  who were killed(more than 36,000) or injured(more than 130,000) in combat action during the Korean war and more than one and half millions of American Korean War veterans』

Thank you so much for your attention.

1st Jan. 2003. Park, Mun-kyu BG ROK Army(ret.)
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