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무제 문서

Who Do The Decision Makers Trust?

Simple! Their own people..... their own kind.


Here at KOREA DEFENSE REVIEW(KDR), our advisory board reads like a who's who and includes ex Army, Navy and Airforce Chief of Staff and 40 retired generals and 5 ex Ministers of National Defense. 

Our readers include the majority of serving high ranking Korean officers and military procurement personnel who all understand that we are in the business and know what we are talking about. 

For the last thirteen years we have earned a reputation for complete honesty and unbiased, objective analysis and opinion by helping key decision makers make smart, informed choices. 

Do you have a product you are excited about? To advertise in K.D.R. is to put your product right under the noses of the people who do the deciding. Don't worry about translating. We will take care of that and at no extra charge. 

Visit our homepage at KRIMA English Page and we will give you the details. 

Are You Ready to Get Serious in Korea?
Perhaps it's time we talked. 


TEL : 82-2-842-3105~7
FAX : 82-2-842-3108
E-mail : winwinhappy@hanmir.com / Jiye.kr@gmail.com
6th Floor, Soonheung Bldg., 501, Singil 6-dong, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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